What Do You Mean “My FIRST Retirement”?

I like to call what I’m doing a sabbatical, but I’m technically retired.  I stopped working.  On purpose.  But this is just my tester period.  I’m trying out retirement and the lifestyle so that I can do everything right when I really retire.

Let’s knock out a few questions:

  • Can you afford this? Yes.  The house is paid off, I have insurance coverage through my wife, and we’ve basically been living off of her paycheck for a good while now.
  • So are you rich? Hardly.  We’ve made some good financial choices over the years and we’re well on our way to meeting our retirement savings goals, but we’re not there yet.
  • But aren’t you worried that you can’t get another job? Yes and no.  I’m worried that I can’t get another job like the one I had (although many people around me assure me that his simply _is_not_true_), but that’s not the point.  I can either go back to the type of work I was doing with a goal of retiring as early as possible, or I can find something else I enjoy more and do that for a longer period of time. Both options have their advantages, and both have their downsides.
  • How long will this go on? The initial plan is to give this at least four months, although a number of friends who have been down this road before me are encouraging me to stretch this out to at least six months, if not longer.
  • Are you scared? Yes.  But a little less so every day.
  • Are you relieved? Yes.  A little more so every day.
  • Aren’t you afraid of getting bored? How will you fill up your days? Well, you see, that’s sort of the point of the blog – to walk you through that very thing.