At the age of 46 I stepped away from a good-paying, comfortable corporate job to test out the world of retirement. I live just outside of Atlanta in an old house with my wife and two cats.  In my past I have:

  • Crushed boxes and other packaging for a living.
  • Worked as a corporate accountant.
  • Worked with data cubes before people knew what they were.
  • Found the token. It sometimes falls out and you have to put it back in the ring.
  • Managed a web development team creating apps talking to a data warehouse full of data out of mainframes.  In the mid-90’s. Before anyone knew what any of those things meant.
  • I was once replaced in my job by a single floppy disk.  Or at least that’s what the company literature said would happen.
  • Worked in QA in the early days of network security, helping to protect all of you from the multitude of bad people out there.  It was cool. No one really understood what we were doing.
  • Ran an advanced testing lab for some of the most brilliant computer security minds this world will ever see.  I was regularly the dumbest guy in the room in any given conversation. It was glorious.
  • I survived a huge corporate takeover of our cool little company by The Borg a large, three-lettered, dark azure monolith. At least for a while.
  • I turned my back on technology and embraced my financial roots, owning budgets and resourcing plans for the Director of Engineering.
  • Jumped companies to follow my old boss and took over the management of his North American (and eventually global) budgets, resource plans, modeling, and project costing, covering $140M and 1300 heads worldwide.  I was a fine, fine slide monkey.

And now I’m writing a blog about what to do between now and the next big thing.